What areas do you service?

Palm Beach County and the surrounding areas of Martin and Broward County.

How much does a demolition cost?

Demolition is normally priced Per Square Foot and includes hauling away all materials with our partners Lifetime Moving and Junk Removal. We factor many different components into the price including what permits are needed, how much labor it takes, the amount of debris to be disposed of and the machinery required.

How long does a demolition take?

The process can take anywhere from a few hours to a full month depending on the project. Anything unexpected that comes up can slow down the process of getting approved for a permit. Other unexpected occurrences like the presence of asbestos will slow down the process as well.

Deconstruction or Demolition?

Deconstruction takes much longer than a demolition as it carefully takes apart a structure rather than destroying it. This helps to recycle the materials or control the damages. If time is not as big of an issue or the process requires more delicacy, a deconstruction may be a better choice.