Concrete Removal

Concrete Removal can be an intimidating task. You may be asking yourself how can someone move this much weight? Are they going to break it up? Well here is a little information on how the Demo Boyzz remove concrete. I have listed some important pieces of equipment that you may spot us using during this …

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How To Choose The Right Demolition Contractor | Palm Beach County, FL

Looking for a Trusted and Reliable Demolition Contractor? Looking for a trusted and reliable demolition contractor here in Palm Beach County? Don’t know who to call and who to trust? This is a common theme here in South Florida when searching for the right demolition company to begin your next project. How do I know …

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Inground Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal

How To Fill In/Remove Your Swimming Pool Are you looking out your back window into your yard at an inground swimming pool full of debris and dirty water? Wishing you had a big back yard to enjoy without this dangerous and expensive pool to maintain? This is a common trend now a days, especially in …

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Dispose Of Your Mobile Home Easily, Legally, and Safely

Mobile Homes are an excellent solution for those who desire affordable living. Typically, a mobile home lasts anywhere from thirty to fifty years. That, of course, depends on how well the mobile home was maintained. However, when you’re ready to move on from your mobile home, what do you do? Luckily, disposing of old mobile …

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