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Dispose Of Your Mobile Home Easily, Legally, and Safely

Mobile Homes are an excellent solution for those who desire affordable living. Typically, a mobile home lasts anywhere from thirty to fifty years. That, of course, depends on how well the mobile home was maintained. However, when you’re ready to move on from your mobile home, what do you do? Luckily, disposing of old mobile homes is a specialty for a demolition company like Demo Boyzz. Make sure your Mobile Home Demolition is disposed of safely, sufficiently, and legally.

Why Choose Mobile Home Demolition

When a mobile home depreciates, that means not much profit can be made when it comes time to sell. Not to mention, an abandoned mobile home on land that you own can decreases the property value. Many people suggest donating an old mobile home to the local fire department. But, contacting your local fire department to have your mobile home burned down is actually illegal.

If you are unable to donate your mobile home legally, it’s time to demolish it. With Mobile Home Demolition, the disposal process is safe, easy, and legal.

The Mobile Home Demolition Process

At Demo Boyzz, the demolition process is done in a way that recovers debris and material to reuse. It is an environmentally-friendly alternative that also promotes recycling. Our Mobile Home Demolition uses heavy machinery to demolish your old mobile home. At Demo Boyzz, our demolition process also checks for asbestos before demolishing.

With Mobile Home Demolition, we tear down the entire structure of your mobile home.  

The Demo Boyzz Mobile Home Demolition

As Palm Beach County’s top Mobile Home Demolition Contractor, our demolition services get the job done. At Demo Boyzz, our mobile home demolition is the go-to solution since:

  • Mobile Homes Are Not Road-Worth
  • Many Permits Are Required
  • Demolition Of  A Mobile Home Is Green & Eco-Friendly
  • Axles, Hitches, & Tires Attached Are Often Unusable
  • Few Landfills Will Accommodate The Dumping Of A Mobile Home

Our Mobile Home Demolition Contractors

At Demo Boyzz, our mobile home demolition contractors are fully licensed and insured. Every demolition project is carried out by a trained professional. That way, we ensure a safe and accident-free demolition project. Our team of Demolition Contractors brings years of experience to your project. Delivering the highest-quality Mobile Home Demolition Services in Palm Beach County, FL.

If you are stuck wondering what to do with your Mobile Home, contact the Demo Boyzz. We guarantee a safe, efficient, and legal removal of your mobile home with our Mobile Home Demolition Services. Do not hesitate to Get In touch With Us today at (561) 320-7342.

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How Demolition Benefits Your Community

When many individuals think of the concept of Demolition, they immediately think destruction. Rarely is demolition seen as a necessary step towards change as well as growth for a community. You may not be aware, but Demolition Benefits many communities, everywhere, every day.

If you are stuck wondering how Demolition can benefit your neighborhood, that’s okay. The reality is, Demolition Services benefits your community by aiding in:

  • Disaster Response
  • Community Development
  • Environmental Responsibility

How Demolition Promotes Environmental Responsibility

Our Demolition Services benefit the environment by responsibly protecting the surrounding environment. This is done in two ways:

  • Contamination Control
  • Recycling

From an old chemical manufacturing plant to an abandoned gas station. It is the demolition experts who are called to asses the pollution level of these dilapidated structures. From there, we properly and safely clean up of any contaminated sections.

Additionally, about two-thirds of all the US steel production comes from salvaged steel. This is due to the productive efforts of the demolition industry to reuse and recycle everything possible.

How Demolition Influences Recycling

Demolition Contractors,Demolition BenefitsAt Demo Boyzz, we focus on sorting through rubble and debris. This way, we can properly asses each item that is recyclable. By doing so, we decrease the strain put on the local environment by reducing the raw materials needed for new construction.

How Demolition Influences Contamination Control  

When it comes to contamination control, we know how to identify and remove dangerous contaminated material. From there, we find the appropriate treatment facility. Our demolition services then replaces all contaminated material with clean soil. Keeping parks, schools, and housing developments safe.

How Demolition Helps Community Developments

When a building structure has aged and is no longer safe, it is the demolition experts who are called. Demolition experts are relied on to properly asses what is restorable and what is no longer safe for use. In some cases, the only option may be to just completely demolish the entire structure.

By removing old or unsafe buildings, you make room for new development. Essentially representing the life force of a thriving community.

How Demolition Aids In Disaster Response

When a natural disaster strikes, plenty of destruction happens to many buildings. This could be caused by tornadoes, earthquakes or hurricanes. Once the disaster has subsided, it is the demolition experts that are working alongside the first responders.

It is the demolition crew that plays a crucial role in the search and rescue once a natural disaster has hit.

The expertise of demolition experts is widely used to determine whether or not a building is safe to enter. Helping clear all rubble and debris and haul it away. Allowing developers to make use of the space once again. For the best Demolition Company in South Florida, trust in the professionals at Demo Boyzz. From Interior Demolition or Exterior Demolition, we have you covered.

For the best Demolition Contractors, trust in Demo Boyzz.

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Cracked Concrete: Fix It or Replace It?

Concrete is one of the strongest materials. However, concrete is not impervious to the elements. Therefore, over time, it will begin to develop cracks. Although it is relatively expensive to repair most cracked concrete.

However, not every crack concrete should be replaced. Certain cracked concrete needs to be replaced entirely. Not sure how to distinguish between repair or replacing? Let experts at Demo Boyzz help you.

Why Concrete Cracks

ExteriorsBefore replacing or repairing any concrete slabs, it is crucial you understand why concrete cracks. Knowing why and how it cracks allows you to decide whether it needs replacing or repairing.

Reason #1

Too Much Water

When concrete is mixed with too much water, it will crack easily. The strength of concrete is not determined by how much water you use. Just because water makes easier to pour and spread, does not mean it makes it stronger.

Using excess water causes concrete to shrink which leads to cracking. This shrinkage occurs when the concrete hardens and dries due to evaporation. The more water you use, the more shrinkage. The more shrinkage, the more cracks in the concrete.

Reason #2

Concrete Dried Too Fast

Concrete is weaker and has a higher risk of cracking when it dries too fast. Concrete should take a few days or weeks to properly harden. This happens because of the chemical reaction that occurs when concrete goes from a liquid to a solid.

Ensure your concrete does not dry too fast. Cure the concrete by spraying it with water. This way, you effectively slow down the dry time to allow for an even dry.

Reason #3

The Concrete Strength Ratio

Concrete has the capability of being cured at a wide range of strengths. In regards to high rise buildings, the foundation needs to be much stronger than say, a residential driveway.

If the concrete does not achieve the proper strength ratio, cracks are sure to occur. Deciding whether you need to replace or repair concrete can be a difficult decision. When it comes to removing cracked or damaged concrete, leave this job to the professionals.

How To Fix Cracked Concrete

Repairing concrete cracks protects the concrete from the outdoor elements. Here’s how you can easily fix cracked concrete.

  • Step 1
    • Prep the area with a proper cleaner
  • Step 2
    • For wide cracks, a chisel and small sledgehammer are needed to undercut the cracked concrete edges.
  • Step 3
    • Clean out the crack. Use a broom or whisk broom to remove any debris or dust.
  • Step 4
    • Patch the cracked concrete using a concrete filler. Always work slowly to properly apply the concrete filler.
  • Step 5
    • Allow the path of concrete to cure properly
  • Step 6
    • Seal the patch in order to achieve the best results

Removing Concrete

When you need to have concrete removed, leave it to the professionals. Our expert demolition contractors are trained to handle the work and excavation of any project.

Demo Boyzz has all the heavy-duty equipment needed to remove concrete. Our demolition services include:

  • Utility Line Inspection of Concrete Area
  • Specialized Heavy-Duty Equipment To Break Up Concrete
  • Handle All Debris
  • Recycle All Recyclables

When you need concrete removed, our demolition contractors are perfect for the job. Demo Boyzz handles everything. Form interior demolition to exterior demolition. When you need the most experienced Demolition Contractors in Boynton Beach, FL, we have everything covered.

For the most experience Demolition Contractors Boynton Beach, FL, get in touch with the professionals at Demo Boyzz.

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The Stages of Our Interior Demolition Service

Not all demolition projects involve a wrecking ball or massive crumbling buildings. Actually, the majority of demolition projects take place inside making it an interior demolition.

At Demo Boyzz, our interior demolition can be applied to residential and commercial projects. Our demolition services list out the phases of your project so you know exactly what to expect.

The Interior Demolition Plan

Every interior demolition project is different from one another. That is why we dedicate ample time into planning your demolition project. We are a professional demolition company that ensures your job is done safely and efficiently.

We draft a blueprint of the new layout by going over the past history of the building. That includes questions such as:

  • When was it built?
  • What renovations have been done?
  • Has there been any flooding, leaks, or cracks?

Once we handle these questions, we will have the green light to get your interior demolition project started.


Our team of professional demolition contractors ensure no serious injuries or unwanted structural damages occur.

All rooms that are undergoing renovations are sealed off for protection. Treatment for asbestos and mold remediation is handled during this time.

Asbestos and mold can cause serious health issues and can easily spread throughout the structure of the place.


Interior demolition does not deal with the exterior structure. However,  it still includes a variety of different parts and materials that need to be removed such as:

  • Drywall
  • Concrete
  • Brick
  • Wooden Floors
  • Cement Slabs

How long this stage takes in your demolition project depends on a few factors including:

  • How large the area is
  • Type of material being removed
  • How many rooms
  • Whether or not there has been mold or asbestos 

When it comes to your Interior Demolition Project, it is always best to hire the experts at Demo Boyzz. That way, you get quality results while saving you time and stress. For the best interior demolition service in Palm Beach County, FL, call (561) 320-7342 today!