Steps of an Interior Demolition

Interior Demolition: What to Expect

Interior Demolition requires a lot of preparation and usually takes a total of 1-7 days to complete, depending on the work scope. The first day on site consists of preparing for the job and following a specified demolition plan. The demolition contractor will set up for the job and bring in all necessary tools and trucks. On Day 1 you can expect to see the following:

1) Wrapping of all Appliances that are being saved in blankets and stretch wrap and moved out of the way into the garage.

2) All Furniture and Appliances that are for junk removal put into the box truck of our partners Lifetime Moving and Junk Removal

3) Capping of all Electrical and Plumbing.

4) Beginning of Kitchen Demolition (Removal of cabinets, island, sink, etc.)

5) Removal of all Window Treatments (Blinds, Curtains, Rods, Casing, etc.)

6) Lunch Break! McDonald’s Delivery is the Demo Boyzz favorite!!??✔️

7) Removal and Disposal of all doors of the house.

8) Beginning of Popcorn Ceiling Removal when applicable.

9) Removal of Carpet from all bedrooms (we charge .30 cents PSF)

10) Removal of all Insulation from Ceiling and Walls when applicable.

Interior Demolition Mid Project

Kitchen Demolition in Delray Beach, FL

Interior demolition jobs are completed pretty fast, so by Day 2 you will already see major progress. After the initial stages, you can expect to see the following:

1) Beginning of Tile and Thinset Removal throughout the entire house.

2) Demo of all Bathrooms: usually includes vanities, sinks, toilets, tubs and shower tiles.

3) Finishing the Popcorn Ceiling Removal and Leaving a Smooth Finish.

4) Finishing the Kitchen Demolition and Cleaning the area.

5) Removal of all Baseboards and Casings throughout the entire house.

7) Removal of all Fans and Light Fixtures throughout the entire house.

8) Preparation for all Custom Wall Demolitions.

Insulation Removal

There are times when interior demolition requires the removal of insulation from the ceiling. This can be a messy and time consuming job if not done properly. When removing insulation the Demo Boyzz make sure to:

  • Clear the area of all contaminants including asbestos, mold, or rodent waste.
  • Carefully and thoroughly removing all pieces of old insulation.
  • Disposing of all insulation responsibly
    By following certain rules and procedures we make sure to complete every interior demo safely & effectively!

Interior Demolition Ending Stage

We usually begin to wrap up interior demolition jobs after day 3. The final process includes:

1) Finishing the Removal of all Tile and Thinset.

2) Finishing the Bathroom Demolitions and Cleaning Up area.

3) Removing all non load-bearing walls and hauling away materials.

4) Final walk through to make sure all Debris is removed from the Property.

5) Sweeping up all areas including the garage and Clearing job site for exit.

It’s important to hire a demolition contractor you can trust. Remember, this is your home and you want the work to be done correctly. Our interior demolition crew serving Palm Beach County is professional, experiences and reliable. Call today at (561) 320-7342.

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