Concrete Removal

Concrete Removal can be an intimidating task. You may be asking yourself how can someone move this much weight? Are they going to break it up? Well here is a little information on how the Demo Boyzz remove concrete. I have listed some important pieces of equipment that you may spot us using during this scope of work.

Jackhammer with Air Compressor Attachment

When we have concrete demolition and removal projects to master, we often use our Jackhammer that comes with an air compressor attachment. The power of this piece of equipment is incredible! It breaks up the concrete into pieces we can haul away. The Jackhammer is a handheld machine and is attached to the air compressor by a long hose. The air compressor is portable and will be parked right in your driveway!

John Deere 331G Skidsteer | Hydraulic Hammer Attachment

We use our compact track loader in 2 different ways.

1) We grab the broken up pieces of concrete with the bucket and then load them directly into our dump truck or trailer. This is a fast and efficient way to move this much weight. It would be nearly impossible to move this much concrete by hand.

2) We add a hydraulic hammer attachment to break up the concrete on larger projects. The hydraulic hammer attachment is a great piece of equipment. On demolition projects where there is adequate space for the skidsteer to work, we use the machine to break up the concrete.

Concrete Cutting Saw

This is a cool machine to watch! We use this gas powered saw to precisely cut into concrete. You will see us use this wet saw with a diamond blade. We can use this saw residentially since the dust is minimal!

Demolishing Concrete

Demolishing concrete can be challenging due to the excessive weight. Did you know? Concrete is a composite material made up of cement, aggregate materials (rocks, gravel, etc) and water! Concrete companies sometimes add to the concrete mix to change the color, strength, or chemical resistance of it. Concrete has a density of approximately 145 pounds per cubic foot! That’s some heavy stuff right there!

Jackhammer with Air Compressor Attachment
Small Concrete Patio Removal
Hydraulic Demo Hammer Attachment on a Skidsteer