Inground Swimming Pool Demolition and Removal

How To Fill In/Remove Your Swimming Pool

Are you looking out your back window into your yard at an inground swimming pool full of debris and dirty water? Wishing you had a big back yard to enjoy without this dangerous and expensive pool to maintain? This is a common trend now a days, especially in South Florida where everyone seems to have an old, dirty swimming pool in their back yard. Swimming pools have now been characterized as dangerous, expensive to maintain, and overall a burden.

Want to remove your inground swimming pool? Our demolition team specialize in the demolition of all inground swimming pools. We are properly licensed and insured, so you won’t have to worry about a thing! We pull all necessary permits for you and pay all associated fees. Every step of your demolition project will be easy and stress free! The Demo Boyzz will ensure you avoid unnecessary fines and issues that may arise.

Taking on a demolition project alone can increase the risk of causing a lot of unforeseen damages. Damages you will definitely be liable for. The only way to prevent these unnecessary and unwanted risks is to hire the best demolition contractor in Boynton Beach, Demo Boyzz.

Palm Beach County Pool Demolition

No matter the size of your pool, Demo Boyzz’s handles everything from beginning to end. We provide the most reliable inground swimming pool demolition services in Palm Beach County, FL and surrounding counties. A few examples of items we often remove while demolishing a swimming pool include:

Screened Enclosure Removal

Screened enclosures are very common in South Florida as they were made to keep leaves and debris out of the pool while still letting sun in. They are very simple to remove as it is solely made out of aluminum rods and mesh material. The screened enclosure is the first thing we demolish when beginning a pool demolition.

Concrete Patio Demolition

At Demo Boyzz, we offer concrete removal. Deep-set cracks and unevenness are two of the biggest reasons people give for wanting to remove concrete. Not only are the cracks terrible to look at, they can become dangerous too!

How is a concrete patio removed? Depending on the project, we will use saws and jackhammers to break up the patio into manageable chunks until the concrete slab is gone. That way, we can load the pieces up into our dumpsters or dump truck and haul away to our nearest concrete recycling facility.

Before You Begin Your Pool Removal

To start this process, you need to determine the size of your pool. Measure the length, width and depth of your pool to have the accurate volume of your pool in cubic yards. Multiply these 3 numbers together, and divide by 27 (amount of cubic feet in a yard), which result in the total yardage of your pool.

How To Decide: Do It Yourself Or Hire A Contractor

Filling in a pool can be perceived as simple, although heavy machinery is required. If you have no ability to operate an excavator or a skidsteer, skip this step and find a qualified contractor. If you do have the capabilities, it can save you a large amount of money. Don’t forget, rent a machine with rubber tracks! Rubber tracks are crucial because metal tracks will destroy your grass!

Ordering Your Fill

Swimming pools can be very deep and require a large amount of material to fill. This can be tricky as inexperienced contractors often order too much or too little fill. Have the material dumped as close to the pool opening as possible because the less material you have to move the better! Remember, you will want to use quality topsoil for the surface layer.

Removing an Inground Pool

Option 1: Filling in the pool

Filling in a pool involves draining the pool, drilling holes into the bottom, removing the top layer, placing the concrete into the bottom, and adding dirt and topsoil while continuously compacting the soil. This is the most affordable option and is the fastest to complete. The cons are that you have to disclose it to future buyers. If this method is not done properly, there is a risk of sinkage and swelling.

Option 2: Complete Pool Removal

The pool is drained and all materials like concrete, fiberglass, liner, re-bar, etc. is removed and hauled away. This method should have no impact on your home’s value. With no concrete buried, the risk of sinkage and seepage is gone! This option is more expensive and takes longer.

If you want the best demolition services in Palm Beach County, contact Demo Boyzz, at 561-320-7342 now. Our demolition team is experienced and will effectively handle any demolition project. Big or small.